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Center for College & Career Readiness

Kevin A dynamic speaker and consultant, Mr. Baird is a noted leader in organizational change focused upon improved College & Career Readiness outcomes. He is an expert in the use of educational technology, emerging media, and school improvement reform processes. Mr. Baird’s practice includes work with governments around the globe, State Departments of Education, as well as school districts large and small. Mr. Baird is an expert in global management processes and has implemented educational research on several continents.

Mike has served schools for more than 30 years as both a teacher and Consultant. He has served as a Consultant for the Indiana Department of Education, as a project evaluator for the U.S. Department of Education, and as a director for the Institute for Science and Technology under the auspices of the National Science Foundation.

Penny is the Chief Instruction Officer for the Center for College & Career Readiness. She is the former Executive Director of Reading Programs at Kaplan K12 Learning Services. A two-time Teacher of the Year award winner, she is a veteran educator of 30 years, with 17 years of classroom experience working with K-8th grade students. Her contributions at Achieve3000 include developing literacy implementation and professional development services and leading the research initiatives for KidBiz, TeenBiz, and SPARK.

Kim has dedicated over twenty years to educational forums. She has worked as a teacher, reading specialist, web-based software consultant, and professional development coordinator. Kim is passionate about guiding schools through curriculum refinement processes as they strive to connect teaching strategies with student learning.

Larry Hahn has spent his career of over 30 years dedicated to improving educational practices. He began to distinguish himself at the age of 24 by being the youngest principal appointed to a school in Texas, his home state. One remarkable achievement was to increase test scores 32% in reading. He continued to lead the way in helping raise student achievement throughout his 13 years as a school administrator.

Since then Larry has been leading educational companies in the areas of staff development, leadership training, sales, and most recently, consulting on transitioning to the Common Core State Standards and College and Career Readiness Expectations.

Larry has trained and helped motivate thousands of educators to improve teaching and learning. He resides with his family in Texas and is a regular speaker nationally for workshops, keynote addresses and other professional development venues that includes a diverse set of classroom, school, and district leaders.

Jill is an education professional with 11 years of experience working with administrators and teachers in education and technology. That experience has enabled Jill to work on the business side of education and working with administrators and teachers implementing technology and theory.