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Center for College & Career Readiness
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Call: 630-282-1639

Grant# CBC201112    College & Career Readiness Sustainable Capacity Grant

Through our funded partnerships, we are able to offer grant support for implementation of the following initiatives:

Deconstructed Common Core Standards: Stop the “Unpacking”! The Common Core State Standards have been deconstructed to include the Student Skills, Critical Thinking Learning Targets, and priority Fluency Standards! Give your faculty the standards in a usable form, so they can impact instruction immediately.

Common Core Black Belt Certification: Year-long Accredited Graduate-level Course in K-12 sustainable capacity building and organizational change focused upon College and Career Readiness instructional strategies and the Common Core State Standards.

Common Core Lesson Planner: Job-embedded tool for teachers to guide and scaffold daily and weekly lesson planning to ensure integration of the key requirements for College & Career Ready Instruction as defined by the Common Core State Standards.

Common Core Toolkit: “A year of professional development in 30 pages”, this publication combines a reference resource and coaching workbook for job-embedded support of both teachers and coaches. Choose the Toolkit that aligns with your current stage of implementation.

RAPIDmap Common Core Curriculum Mapper: Web-based software tools integrating the Common Core State Standards, Common Core Standards Instructional Priority Maps from the authors of the Common Core, and library resources to support Common Core Standards Implementation. The RAPIDmap process allows districts to prioritize Curriculum Mapping to focus only upon the priority elements for the Common Core Standards.

Common Core Instruction Designer: Web-based instruction unit design and lesson planning software guides teachers in the creation of Common Core aligned units and lessons. Analyze the level of Common Core alignment and coherence, as well as the use of appropriate assessment techniques. Create and store unit and lesson plans for reuse. Reference library with resources to support Common Core Standards Implementation.