The Common Core Institute

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Center for College & Career Readiness

Why do I need a Common Core Consultation?
The Common Core State Standards have been adopted by 48 states, but teachers are still largely unfamiliar with what the standards are and how they should fit into everyday lesson plans. The Center for College & Career Readiness’ roster of senior faculty experts are ready to sit down with you to help you take the first steps to Common Core implementation.

Who are your Experts?
Our senior faculty members are the finest available and they are sensitive to the individualized and constantly changing needs of a wide variety of educational professionals.
For a complete roster, Click here.

What is included in a Consultation?
All two-hour consultations are customized for your specific needs, but past consultations have included:
• Evaluations of influencing priorities
• Assessment of current implementation
• Development of a road map to achieve Common Core implementation goals
• Instructional planning support and modeling
• Goal setting for school and individualized progress
• Planning for differentiated instruction

How much will this really Cost?
A senior faculty member from the Center for College & Career Readiness is ready to sit down or call you, at no cost, to review your District’s implementation needs. These consultations are a grant-funded resource established to enhance your professional development.

How do I Begin?
Click here to contact us and take the next steps toward a consultation. You can also call us directly at 630.282.1639.